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Parish Pastoral Council

The Parish Pastoral Council was formed in Palmerstown in response to the wishes of the Archbishop of Dublin that each parish in the Archdiocese should have a Parish Pastoral Council.

In May 2011, at an open parish meeting facilitated by Ms. Ellie McKeon, the third Parish Pastoral Council was elected following a process of discernment.

The aims of the Council are:

  • To be an advisory/consultative group to the Parish Priest.
  • The council reflects, makes recommendations and assists in the Spiritual and Pastoral development of the Parish.
  • To provide a structure and opportunity for priests and people to share responsibility for the mission of the Parish.
  • Seeks to work with all parish groups and parishioners to further the development and growth of our parish community.
  • To provide a formal structure whereby the priest and the laity confer openly and work closely together, make decisions, share responsibilities and act effectively in the administration of parochial duties.
  • To provide effective communication between the priests and the parish community.
  • To work towards fostering faith and mission in the parish, that together we may be supportive, caring witnesses to the call of Christ.

The members of the Pastoral Council were commissioned, by Bishop Ray Field on October 22, 2011.

Canon Tony Reilly PP

Mary Brady

Tom Geoghegan

Catherine Kennedy

Martina Kenny

Dermot Dowdall

Cathy Burke

Louise McDermott

Joseph Scally

A number of projects have been undertaken by the Pastoral Council since October 2011:

A Parish Assembly in May 2012 during which aspects of the National Catechetical Directory: Share the Good News were focused on. A Parish Hospitality Group has been set up arising from the identified need to further develop a sense of community in St Philomena's in order to facilitate nurturance of other aspects of the directory.

A link was made with St Philomena's Centre in Lisburn which enabled a parish celebration of our patron saint during the first weekend of September, 2012.

A branch of the National Grandparents Association is in the process of being set up in the parish as a result of an address by Mrs Maire Printer, the President of the International Grandparents Association, in September 2012.

The Parish Book Club was a joint venture between the Liturgy Group and the Pastoral Council. The Club meets once a month and discusses a book relating to faith, liturgy and spirituality.

The Alpha programme: It took place from January- March 2013 a period of ten weeks. It provided a platform for sharing faith and looking at the heart of what it means to be Christian. A sense of community developed among the participants with a longing to grow in knowledge and relationship with Jesus together. There was a real commitment to one another in attendance, presence and quality of sharing. As the programme drew to an end, the participants decided that they would like to continue sharing faith. It was decided that Lectio Divina would start after Easter and that a programme giving consideration to the Creed would take place in Autumn 2013. Many sacred moments were shared during these weeks together!

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