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Ministers of the Word


Members of the Parish Community are called upon to proclaim the Word of the Lord.  The Word has a power to challenge, comfort and transform our lives.  God’s word is alive and active as he speaks to us through those who minister. It has a new message for us as we listen with the power to challenge, comfort and change our lives.

Those who are invited publicly to share God's Word are sometimes called "Readers".  A more suitable term is "Lectors".  The latter term emphasises the proclaiming of God's Word rather than the reading of a Sacred Text.  The lector assists the congregation to encounter Christ in the Liturgy of the Word. 

It is a privilege to read the sacred scriptures, it is an enriching, fulfilling and spiritual experience. At present in our Parish there is a panel of parishioners who are Ministers of the Word. The commitment involves preparing for and reading the sacred scriptures at Mass on Sundays/Holydays and the Vigil Mass on Saturdays. The readers are on a rota for Sundays and weekdays.

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