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Parish Centre - Colourful Display

People might be wondering about the colourful display in The Parish Centre! This was started back in April by The Pink Ladies + 1, as a project on behalf of The Meitheal for the Community Involvement section of the Tidy Towns Competition. Prior to lock down the ladies had made contact with I’ve Got Knits (local knitting club), Ms Casey (St. Brigids Girls National School), Clarkeville Flowers and The Meitheal to gather people together to knit squares, make pom poms or crochet flowers. However, during lockdown the theme changed to ‘Remembrance & Thanksgiving’.

There are some special squares done, by very special people, including some by the late Mary Harrington. The crochet flowers were made as a token of respect for all those residents of Palmerstown who have passed away over the last few months.

Some might ask about the colours - they reflect the counties colours where people originally lived before moving here to Palmerstown.

Some of the flowers reflect the flower/colour of a charity - the display would not have been complete without a contribution of daffs for Molly O’Callaghan’s - Irish Cancer Society. There is a very special strand of red flowers for the Order of Malta, Palmerstown, in acknowledgement of their hard work during lock down. They went above and beyond the call of duty.

The display was erected on 08 August 2020 by Annette and Darina from the Pink Ladies, Teresa from I’v Got Knits and Liz from The Meitheal.

Thank you to all who helped with this display #PrideofPalmerstown #Community

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