Invitation To Lectio Divina 02 May & 09 May 2023

Following the completion of the recent ALPHA Course, with an average of about thirty attending each Tuesday, over the eleven weeks, quite a few participants expressed  a hunger for more soul-food, particularly around the Scriptures.


Fr. Séamus Devitt will host two ‘LEARNING LECTIO DIVINA’ evenings, at Assumption Pastoral Centre, 199 Kylemore Road, on Tuesday May 2, and May 9, 7pm start.  


In small groups, we will simply take the Gospel Readings for the following Sundays (5th Sunday and 6th Sunday of Easter, respectively) – learning to read, to ponder and apply, and to pray from them. ‘Lectio Divina’ – or Sacred Reading – is an ancient way of coming to the Word of God, in our own lives and in our community.


Following these two sessions, people will be invited to ‘launch out into the deep’, and set up their own small groups for doing Lectio, in their own homes or parishes or both.


For more information, please contact Fr. Séamus Devitt, Assumption Parish

Address:  Assumption Pastoral Centre, 199 Kylemore Road

Tel: 01-6264789,