The Legion of Mary

The Legion of Mary was restarted in Palmerstown as a result of an invitation from Fr O’Keeffe in 1967. It is an organisation of Catholics who with the sanction of the Church and under the leadership of Our Lady of Knock do apostolic work. It was founded by a Dublin man, Frank Duff in 1921, and its first work was the visitation of St James hospital which at that time was the South Dublin Union where there were a lot of poor and abandoned people. It is present in five continents with ten million members.The motto of the Legion is the sanctification of the members and their reaching out to others with love and care. The members undertake a prayer formula every day including the Rosary, daily Mass if possible and the Prayer of the Church. The works include visitation of homes, hospitals and nursing homes, the formation of young people in their faith, distribution of Catholic literature and discussion groups.

Meetings take place on a weekly basis.

New members are always welcome.